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November 01, 2023
ELLE Korea Magazine

I have added scans from the November issue!

October 24, 2023
ELLE Photoshoot

And the interview, click to read the rest in english here.

 Q This year, including the promotion of my first solo album, I am accomplishing more things on my own than ever before. As I watched him, I realized why he said he had a shy personality (laughs).

 A Doing a lot of things alone made me realize once again how shy I am. I also realized how much I need to grow beyond myself. To act confidently, you have to be prepared.

Q Even though he has a shy personality, he greeted everyone at the site first again today. Looking at that scene reminded me of the time we met at a filming location in 2014. I remember cleaning up the delivery food containers with the staff and even trying to stop them from putting up a new roll in the studio bathroom, saying they ran out of toilet paper.

A Did I do that? I don’t remember, but I did well (laughter). Thank you for your kind attention.

 Q The first major step he took after becoming a Tiffany ambassador was attending the reopening event of ‘Tiffany the Landmark’ in New York last April. It seems like we are still talking about that time with the officials today.

 A I was very nervous. It was my first time going to such a big event alone. Beautiful Tiffany jewelry and numerous celebrities… . Even looking back now, everything was so amazing and new that it felt like I was in a scene from a movie.

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October 18, 2023
GQ Photoshoot

I have added the GQ photoshoot to the gallery!

And the interview, click here to view the rest in English

GQ What do you think of last Tuesday? I met <GQ> in a garden that was like a fantasy fairy tale.
JM I was able to film comfortably with good people and wearing good clothes.
GQ Jimin’s colors looked more vivid in the damp garden where the rain had just passed. How about expressing your feelings that day through color?
JM If you express it in color… It reminds me of the color of cherry blossoms.
GQ That’s right. Jimin’s fresh face buried in a cherry blossom-colored suit is vivid. I once said, “Your gait changes depending on your stage costume,” and it seemed like it was greatly affected by what you wore on a daily basis. Unlike the stage where you sing and dance, how do you feel when you stand in front of the camera when you express your clothes?
JM Looking back on my experience, I think the photos come out best when I express myself naturally. So, when I shoot a photo shoot, I try hard to relax my body.

GQ When introducing the album on V-LIVE this year, you said, “I wanted to say in a cool way that I will overcome (the period of wandering and the emotions that come from it).” In Army Everything Store 2021, the answer to “what you believe in” is “you can make it,” and the answer to “what you don’t believe in” is “fate is determined.” It seemed very meaningful to Jimin to move forward independently with his own strength.
JM I don’t think anyone can set their own limits. There may be limits, but you can’t know where those limits are until you go there. Therefore, I know very well how much courage and effort it takes to continue to believe in yourself and create. I think it’s really great to decide something on your own and move forward with your own strength.
While listening to GQ’s <FACE>, I felt that we (artists and listeners) could meet through the most honest confessions. It felt as if “Jimin’s language was explaining my heart,” and there was “the feeling of light coming through an open wound, and things visible through that light.” (Excerpt from Choi Eun-young’s <Even in the Faint Light>.)
JM Wow, thank you for your kind words.

Read more at the source.

October 16, 2023
ELLE And GQ Cover Shoot Screencaptures

I have uploaded screencaps from the cover shoots!

October 15, 2023
Vicnic “Layover” Fan Meeting

I have added images from yesterday’s event, credits go to the owners of the photos! Jimin as supportive as ever! 💜