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November 29, 2023
2023 MAMA Awards Winners

So very happy for Jimin!

  • Best male artist -Jimin.
  • Best OST – The Planet.
  • Worldwide fans choice – BTS.
  • Worldwide Icon of the Year – BTS.

November 09, 2023
BTS Jimin’s Influence Sells Out Dior’s Spring 2024 Collection, Surging Stock Prices

Jimin’s recent Dior campaign again showed the “Jimin effect”—his popularity surged demand and sales of the new collection, multiplying Dior’s stock prices.

BTS member Jimin is displaying star power as Dior experiences an unprecedented surge in both stock prices and demand for items from the Spring ’24 collection. The driving force behind this – none other than Jimin, is spearheading a massive campaign for the luxury brand.

The leading French luxury fashion brand introduced its Spring 2024 Collection, featuring global ambassador Jimin as the face of the campaign. Jimin continued to break new ground when he was revealed as the face of the campaign, becoming the first Asian male to represent an entire clothing line for the luxury brand. This historic announcement once again stirred widespread excitement online.

The brand recognized Jimin’s immense global popularity and influence in fashion, displaying confidence in his ability to lead their entire collection campaign. The ongoing global rollout of the campaign is notably the most extensive ever undertaken by the company. Fans, capturing videos and images of the campaign ads in various cities, have documented over 80 appearances as of November 8, showcasing the widespread impact of the campaign.

He is not only the first Asian male to represent an entire clothing line for the luxury brand but also created history when the renowned fashion house appointed Jimin as its latest global ambassador earlier this year. The announcement reverberated across the fashion industry, leading to an immediate surge in stock prices, reaching extraordinary levels. Fans celebrated the moment by flocking to stores to commemorate the significant news.

Certainly, the brand’s decision to feature Jimin in such a groundbreaking campaign proved to be well-founded. As soon as the ads appeared in malls, official stores, and on the streets, accompanied by the collection’s availability in both physical stores and online, fans eagerly sought out these items.

The high demand led to the rapid depletion of stock for most sizes of the pieces showcased by Jimin in the campaign ads, particularly on regional websites like those in Japan and Taiwan. Other enthusiasts opted to purchase various items from the brand, such as bags and earrings. Remarkably, the price tags didn’t deter fans from wholeheartedly supporting Jimin in his endeavors, showcasing the extent of his brand influence.

The substantial online buzz generated by the campaign, combined with the tangible purchases made by fans, triggered another notable increase in stock prices, surging by a significant 6.41%, and this upward trend persists in each subsequent trading day.


October 26, 2023
Jimin Nominated For 2023 Billboard Music Awards

Let’s get Jimin an award!

  • Top Selling Song – Like Crazy
  • Top Global K-Pop Artist – Jimin
  • Top K-Pop Album – Face
  • Top Global K-Pop Song – Like Crazy

October 19, 2023
MAMA Awards 2023

Jimin’s nominations for 2023 MAMA awards!

  • Best male artist
  • Best dance performance
  • Male solo (Like Crazy, VIBE)
  • Best collaboration (VIBE)
  • Artist of the year
  • Song of the year (Like Crazy, VIBE)
  • Album of the year (FACE)

Make sure youe vote for Jimin here!

October 02, 2023
The Fact Music Awards

Jimin won! he got a total of 624,353 (36%) votes.

Jimin is the first soloist in history to win the popularity award!